Paty Cantú And Its Hard Beginnings

He sings, dances, writes his songs, makes duets and, in fact, composes for other performers, such as Dulce María, Danna Paola or María José. He has sung alongside figures such as Juan Gabriel, Miguel Bosé and Benny Ibara. It is clear: Paty Cantú is the captain of her own ship … but it was not always like that. In a recent interview, the singer-songwriter acknowledged that her beginnings as a soloist were not simple, because she was discriminated against for being a woman and starting again, now in lonely. His beginnings with Lu “Just having started was a hard thing because I was in a duet where we were a man and a woman. And being the woman was enough to be the one nobody was betting on. So I started being the one nobody saw coming, ”he said. The duet he refers to is Lu, the project that made it known in 2003 along with also composer Mario Sandoval. And despite the fact that the concept was sold as a duet, some time later Paty acknowledged that she did not usually have a voice or vote in the artistic decisions of the project. You may also be interested: Paty Cantú’s music has helped fans in moments of vulnerability Two successful albums, the duet announced his separation in 2007, leaving in the air what he painted to be a promising career. Friends for years, ended up in the worst terms. “We lost everything in common, both personally and professionally. Mario had many problems towards the fact that I wanted to grow in the artist part. Like any human being, I also wanted to be level. He was a great composer and wanted to stagnate me, “he said in a radio interview. He added:” He asked me if I wanted to continue and he said, “I continue on the project if you promise that you will never compose again.” I wanted her to be her employee and then I said no. ”Start over again Although her beginnings in music were marked by the stigma of being a woman and not letting her grow artistically, when she started her solo career, things got worse. Alone ‘, her first solo album, faced her again to earn a place in the industry. “Perhaps what I came to allow the most is silence, in the sense of feeling ashamed of my achievements, my work and my merits… to think that it was not right for me to say it because there were men who told me that it looked bad to talk about that, that I saw as an egocentric, ”he said. You may also be interested: Paty Cantú urges #MeToo to investigate complaints before publishing them. Even, the comments became so direct that the interpreter used to remain isolated in her dressing room. “I spent my first years as a soloist. I used to arrive at the festivals and locked myself in the hotel because I came to believe all those things, of not being able to talk or live and be judged, ”he said. He even revealed that at some point he did have to stop an executive who tried to overcome with her. “I was wearing an uncovered dress from behind and there was an older man who ran his finger across my back. I turned around and said: ‘Don’t touch me again because I’m going to slap you.’ ”Currently, and with 10 years of experience, Paty Cantú continues singing and composing music, a talent he had to defend from the beginning, both in his passage through Lu and in his solo career, in addition to discrimination towards his status as a woman. However, unlike other singers, she is one of the few examples of former vocalists who have triumphed in music as soloists … and only she knows how much it cost. @ Braham_MV