Paty Manterola In Mourning, Is Devastated

Paty Manterola in mourning, is devastated. | Instagram

Paty Manterola in mourning, is devastated. The actress and singer released the news in her social networks with a moving message that provoked thousands of reactions through which her followers joined her grief.

Paty Manterola shared on instagram the grief she is going through with her family and the messages of the celebrities were not long in coming. They sent words of encouragement to the singer.


In social networks Paty Manterola reported the unfortunate death of his father to whom he expressed his admiration and recounted some of the most beautiful moments of his life.

See you soon, beloved Daddy, rest in peace ✨❤️ … Although your physical presence will be greatly missed, we know that you are light and your soul lives and beats very strongly within us …

Thank you for brushing my hair every night before I was a child, you sat with so much love on your legs on that recliner sofa … even if I close my eyes, I feel your hands running the brush so gently through my head … Thank you for loving us so much, thanks for being the beloved “Tito” for your grandchildren who will always love you, remember and laugh a lot when they say “There is Chihuahua how much Apache” …

Thank you for loving Forrest so much and always telling you my son … Thank you for taking care of your brothers and your mother when your Daddy died and becoming so young in that support for your family and my grandmother Bertha, I am sure that your Daddy who so much I missed you already hugging you in heaven and are enjoying a lot together …. See you soon Daddy, I am at peace because I know you are at peace … I LOVE YOU ❤️! Thank you all in advance for your love and support right now!

To the pain of Paty Materola, personalities such as Yuri, Maribel Guardia, Chantal Andere, Alicia Machado, among others joined.