Pau Gasol Talks About His Fitness: "I Have To Make Sure My Ankle Is Ready For The Season" | Spain

44m ago

        Portland Trail Blazers

                                                By Nacho Losilla

Pau Gasol enters what will be his 19th season in the NBA. A historic milestone for those who have to be well prepared and, above all, healthy. The new Portland Trail Blazers player has the opportunity to recover and contribute to a Wild West Playoff team.

The Spanish pivot spoke with the media in a training session and was asked about his fitness, as Oregon Live picks up.

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"At the moment run … Not much. They are being contactless actions, shooting training, pick & roll and pick & pop situations …", says Pau about the training he is doing now with the team.

Gasol was barely present in 30 games with 360 minutes of track presence in 2018-2019. The lowest figure in his career by far. The left foot brought him many problems from which he is still recovering. Poverty that left him out of the World Cup.

"So far I am doing well. My body responds great, now it is time to get used to the ankle again to the rhythm, to endure and to be able to perform more explosive movements. It would be good to play in preseason, but I would not be disappointed if I did not participate, I have to make sure that the ankle be ready for the regular season. "

"It's been five months since the operation, so it's early for the injury I had (stress fracture in the navicular bone). Obviously I really want to play again, but I have to be realistic and not create false expectations about my condition I can only follow the process and make sure to do everything correctly. "

The inside game of the Blazers will feature Hassan Whiteside, the young Zach Collins, Jusuf Nurkic on his return and the veteran Pau Gasol. A powerful painting, varied and rich in resources.

"I can't mark an exact date. The goal is to feel better every day and be realistic. Last season the ankle prevented me from doing what I like the most and now I maximize every moment. This is so. I want to take advantage of it, get the best of each day, work hard and be your best, "concludes Pau.

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