Paulina Goto And Natalia Téllez Surprise By Announcing “their Wedding”

The original request for a hand was published on the Instagram of the host of Netas Divinas … and caused a revolution

Following the filming of the film Twentysomething, divorced and fantastic two of its protagonists, Paulina Goto Y Natalia Tellez They made a very good friendship.


And they are so close that even, during the premiere of the film and taking advantage of the fact that both were dressed in white, one already asked the other for marriage.

Natalie Y Paulina They published on their Instagram accounts a photo in which they appear in party dresses. And while the driver of Divine Net remain standing, Paulina He’s down on her knees, holding her hand, yes, like he’s putting an engagement ring on her.

And as you read in the publication of Natalie, accepted the proposal. “And I said yes,” wrote the host on this image that already accumulates more than 130 thousand “likes.”
“So this happened … @natalia_tellez and I have an announcement! Hahaha! “, Published in turn Paulina Goto.

By the way that Paulina she loved her friend’s post, and she let her know it with a message she posted in the comments section. “I love you, hahahaha”, wrote the protagonist of soap operas like My heart is yours.

Neither of the two involved in this “love story” has made any further comment in this regard, although the publication of the photo caused a revolution among the followers of both celebrities, as some believed that the request for a hand had been real and assured that until now they “found out” that Paulina Y Natalie they are lesbians

Others, like Consuelo DuvalThey understood that it was all a joke, and in that same tone they made their comments. “Noooooo! I asked you for your marriage, “wrote the comedian.