Pedro Sola’s Desperate Reaction To Isolation

The host of the Ventaneando program shared a video on his social networks where he looks “deranged” due to the confinement.

The quarantine to prevent an increase in coronavirus infections in Mexico has forced the population to remain locked up at home, a situation that has affected several people, including some celebrities who had to interrupt some of their daily activities, but little little by little they begin to tire of being locked up in their homes.


Such is the case of the driver of Selling, Pedro Sola , who published a video on his Instagram account where he is ‘maddened’ by the quarantine.

Because he belongs to the vulnerable group of possible infections, the communicator has been confined at his home since the outbreak of COVID-19 began in the country, so his participation in the program has had to be remotely through video calls.

Although so much confinement finally unhinged Pedrito and that’s why he decided on a video on social networks where he answers the question ‘And how’s your quarantine?’ with a ‘crazed’ face and the phrase “I can’t take it anymore”.

Twitter users could not hide their surprise at the video of Pedro Sola and immediately they reacted with various memes, although it seems that everything is a joke on the part of the driver, there were several followers who worried about the state of health of the television driver.