Pedro Suárez Vértiz: “There Are Two Types Of Machismo: The Good And The Bad”

A few days ago, the Amphitheater of the Exhibition Park lived the premiere of the Peruvian singer-songwriter: Pedro Suárez Vértiz, his band made the audience vibrate with the classics of the former Arena Hash vocalist. Topics such as "And that is the case" and "The sex train" were chanted by the ecstatic public.

But, apart from his music, the interpreter of "I forgot" usually becomes news for his controversial statements and the reflections he usually publishes on his social networks. However, the musician says he is not offended by criticism, and even encourages young people to dream of being like him.

The interpreter of "My car was a frog" was also asked about the definition of machismo. In this regard, he assured that there are two types: the good and the bad. "The first is to pay the bill when you go out with a girl, open the car door, think of his pleasure rather than yours … The bad thing is to attack physically, verbally or psychologically," he said.


Speaking to the newspaper Trome, Suárez Vértiz has assured that the great show, which was attended by actress Fiorella Pennano and singer Sandra Muente, is her "life told through 21 of his songs". In addition, he revealed that one of his most listened songs "Talk show" tells the story of a "free relationship" he had with a young European when he was just a teenager.

“I would advise you to study a separate career. That will generate a discipline that will serve you in music. I studied Communications at the University of Lima, I specialized in Radio and Television, ”said the singer-songwriter.


On the other hand, Vértiz said that, because he was born in Bellavista, he maintains a great respect for salsa as a genre. Although he assures that his forte is not the dance, he does appreciate the best songs of Rubén Blades, Héctor Lavoe and Wilson Manyoma, since he considers them "masterpieces".

But, aside from salsa and rock, Vértiz is a fan of classical music, because when he was little it was very common that the best compositions of Ludwig, Beethoven and Johann Sebastian Bach, among others, sound at home.

Finally, the musician revealed that during each presidential campaign he receives proposals from politicians to compose the official themes of his candidacies, proposals to which he has always refused. “That always happens but I never did it. That they used me to do their campaigns, that's another thing, ”he said.