Pedro Troglio: 'I Saw a Motagua Similar To Us, But They Are Intelligent And We Are Dead' – Ten

Olympia is at the gates of securing the first place of the regular laps, but its rival is Marathon on Sunday at 4:00 pm in the National Stadium.

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Pedro Troglio, coach of the whites analyzes that commitment that will allow him to close as the best in the championship, but he does not trust the opponent to face.


"It is a match open to any result, logically we have the obligation to win, we know that we face a great rival, the advantage is that we have is our court and the people," the Argentine said.

For Troglio, this duel against the greens of Héctor Vargas takes him with an advanced final.

"This is how we see it, if we win we stay in the first place and if we tie there is no more life left, now if we lose it complicates us because we close the visit and Marathón makes it local, undoubtedly the duel that defines everything is this"

On the advantage of playing with people in the capital's stadium, Troglio was clear "We will see an Olympia that always tries to do things well, sometimes it comes out sometimes but it is not a team that has made 70 percent of the points, we We know that what has happened before and when they refer to the club speak that, the present of this team is very good, it reached a semifinal of Concacaf that unfortunately was lost in five minutes, we are in another Premier Cup competition, it is at the limit of passing about 40 points to a pentagonal, what we do is worthwhile, you have to be champion to be worth more what we are doing. "

Pedro Troglio gathered his team before training this Friday.

Is it important to be champion?

"The issue is in the day to day of the team and it is very good, the sentence has to fall in December if he does not leave champion, not in November, he is being punished for what happens for three and a half years, we play three tournaments and fighting first place with a club that didn't fight anything "

Pedro commented that the elimination against Saprissa by the Concacaf League, has been painful as when the final of the World Cup in Italy 90 with the selection of Argentina in his time of player.

"All the things that happen to us are not overcome because you can not go back, they are lost things, a newspaper said that Olympia had no eggs because it did not beat Saprissa, do you think that if Motagua loses the final that? eggs ?, the squad is upset and does not want to talk. I am hurt like when I lost the final of the World Cup in Italy 90 ", we lost because we faced the best.

Do you feel that Olimpia's work is being demerited?

"No, it's a common denominator to grab it with Olimpia's biggest in the country because it sells more. I was watching the Motagua game and it was similar to ours, they were smart and we were dead."

Do you have Olimpia press?

"I don't know if he has a press, but these players are punished a lot, so in 2017 that the Concacaf League won was not important? Now it is.

"Two months ago I was criticized because I rotated players, now in the newspapers comes out who are the ones who play the least, I am also a sports journalist and before going on the air they agree to fight, do not come to me with this" .

Do you feel loved?

"I feel loved by the people of Olympia, if the others do not love me, I do not care and my family too, hence I am not interested in anyone's love, I am not looking for new friends, it is continuous that they will look for technicians from other teams to talk about us, that tired. "

At what percentage is Olympia?

"In football you can not talk about percentage, one day you are at 70 another at 40 percent, before Saprissa something horrible did not happen and we went down, then we won the classic and we went up, there we show character, whenever we lose, see old ghosts, yesterday the Ticos were left with 10 men and they did not score a goal, we were with 10 and we made two, so you are "crap", now the incentive that I have left is that I could play the classic with headlines and now I play with Marathón, I would have liked to be playing the Concacaf League final, although two days later I played another game, but in that madness you can be left with nothing. "

How to go out to Marathon?

"We are a cautious team, not crazy, that's what Olympia has, it's not the idiosyncrasy, I saw Barcelona have the ball in the corner flag against Levante winning 1-0 and Messi did it, football is for the living , that is property of football not of anyone.

Grove and Costly

"It's a clear game that they have a long ball for the two of them, we kept them in the first leg and we'll do the same on Sunday."

Jorge Álvarez and Deybi Flores

"What happens to you from having two injured players in the same position is hard, now we are analyzing what we are going to do."