Pedro Troglio: ‘In Olimpia They Pay Me Triple That In Gymnastics; On April 5 It Was Already Deposited ‘- Ten

Pedro Troglio is an idol in Olympia, that has transcended borders after the good role he has played with whites, whom he made champion after three and a half years without being able to achieve it, he also has them at the gates of the semifinals of the Champions of Concacaf.

The Olimpia coach spoke for the prestigious Argentine newspaper OLÉ, where he reviewed his life in the country, revealing unknown details and confirmed that the “Merengues” pay him triple what he earned in Gymnastics and Silver Fencing in the first of his country.



“” They came looking for me from the United Arab Emirates and they asked me just one question: how many titles did you win? They did not call me anymore. I had only been champion with Cerro Porteño (2009) and achieved a promotion with Gymnastics (2013) … I realized that only the word champion is useful in the curriculum ”, begins counting the championship coach.

Olimpia coach Pedro Troglio is loved by the meringues fans because he has restored their greatness in Concacaf.

Troglio is very recognized in his country, as a player he was a World Cup player in Italy 90 where they were runners-up in the world together with Diego Maradona. He has directed Gymnastics that in the Cup tournament eliminated Boca and River, one of the great feats that Don Pedro’s teams have done.


But without a doubt, the most surprising revelation was when he spoke highly of the country and affirmed that he is happy, and says that he has found an oasis. “I had to start taking on big teams, with aspirations to be champion and this came from Honduras. Outside of Argentina there is life and even better. They pay me triple that in Gymnastics, on April 5 I already had my salary deposited and we only have to think about working, ”Troglio acknowledged.


-But I imagine you did not grieve in all that when you arrived in Honduras …
– I did not think about going out champions and fighting the Champions … The truth is that it would be perfect if it were not for the coronavirus and the lack of my family. Argentina is very complicated … In Gymnastics we reached the final of the Argentina Cup and everyone thought it was normal. And when you really go back to normal, you are crap … They don’t say it was a miracle to eliminate Boca or River … It was good to change air.

-What did you say to your players in the pre-game talk with Seattle?
-I told them my story with Gymnastics when we eliminated River and Boca. That they had to believe it … If you tell me that you play against Barcelona there is a danger, but against teams from the United States you have an advantage. They may have more economic power, but they play with fewer obligations. If you go with that pressure and you play like that you can beat them.

Argentine coach Pedro Troglio celebrates with his assistants and players a goal against the Seattle Sounders in Concacaf.

– Did they win playing well or more as a sacrificed team as they identify you?
-We are a very tough team, that defends very well and that above has fast players to play with spaces. No one thought we were going to leave them out. In the streets it was celebrated as if it had been champion with Gymnastics, heh. We are making history across the country.


-A few weeks ago you said that you will not go back to gymnastics …
-I didn’t mean it. I love the club and the people, but I no longer deserve to be badly hurt by Gymnastics. I get too involved in the day to day of the club … We started barbaric, beating Boca. Suddenly we find ourselves, without eating or drinking it, with the Argentine Cup. We neglected four or five matches of the tournament and lost them. We lost the final and returned to reality with our ass in our hands, with the fucking pressure. We lost two, we won one and they threw me one month from the final … You don’t understand …

-Notás that they always direct the same? Some do poorly and keep touring the clubs …
-It is not the fault of the technician or the businessman. Everyone does their job … It will be a problem of one who does not find the right person to make him work. I’m not complaining anyway, I’ve had a job for 15 years. Costas, for example, made his career outside of Argentina. I could have directed much more in the country, but I always showed myself as I am. Funny, making jokes on TV. Many did not hire me because I wear jeans, long hair and do not wear glasses to become the intellectual.

-Who do you mean?
-To ghosts … In football there is a lot of ghosting. I bought a drone, 30 GPS and I have my video editing equipment, which is essential. But they are tools, it is not knowing about football. My teachers, Old Griguol, wrote everything down on a small supermarket sheet. Are you going to tell me that I didn’t know about soccer? The leaders buy the short-haired, young … Those who become intellectuals. I like the earth, to feel the grass. To be next to a court you have to be comfortable … I congratulate those who are impeccable and wear suits, but it doesn’t work for me. All that does not go with me.

-Do you feel that the local media treats you as an old man?
-Old man, no. Intermediate, ha. Look how old the barbarians are, huh. Russo, Zielinski. As long as you are sane there is no age. What happens is that now the leaders also come younger … In Italy they come out in suits and it seems that prestige is lost here. I fight against it, many friends ask me why I don’t wear a suit and I tell them not to break my balls.

-Has it ever happened to you that you didn’t feel like going to train anymore?
-Never. I love soccer and are grateful. It did happen to me that sometimes I felt alone, because when you lose a game you don’t have teammates like when you were a player. But I love getting up and going to train, I miss him right now …

-Would you go back to Argentine football?
-I’d have to see. All I know is that I don’t want any more quilombos. I want tidy clubs, calm because that depends how much you will do during the years. In a school you have four or five who earn well, but there are 15 who live a day … If you don’t pay them they have quilombo at home.

-Do you agree that there are no descents?
-I can’t be objective because Gymnastics was saved and that makes me happy.

– Would you return as president?
-Nooo … I want to direct until I recognize the players and after that I won’t be able to be president. If God gives me the chance, 10 or 15 more years I want to continue leading. It is what keeps me alive. I do not serve to retire.