Pelosi Gives Congress a List Of Some Of The Potential Charges For The Political Trial Against Trump | Univision Politics News

The California Democratic representative Nancy Pelosi handed out to the Democrats Monday the list of charges they seek to present in the political trial against President Trump.

The charges were divided into three sections: abuse of power, a campaign of pressure and cover-up.

In the first, the abuse of power, the evidence is the summary of the transcript of Trump's call last July to President Zelensky of Ukraine, who say "he paints an incriminating picture of Trump in which he abuses his office and pressures to a foreign government to interfere in our 2020 elections. "


According to the document, Trump "betrayed his oath, betrayed our national security and betrayed the integrity of our elections for his own personal political benefit."

For the charges related to the alleged pressure campaign, the evidence is text messages from State Department officials, as one in which Bill Taylor, the highest ranking diplomat in Ukraine, said: "I think it is crazy to retain security assistance to help with a political campaign. "

The evidence for the cover-up charge is the complaint of the secret whistleblower who unleashed the political trial investigation.

The anonymous whistleblower said senior White House officials "intervened to 'block' all records of the phone call" and hid the transcript in "a separate electronic system … used to store and handle classified information of a particularly delicate nature. ".



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