Peña Nieto's Girlfriend Shows Off Her Sister And Is Prettier Than Her

Peña Nieto's girlfriend shows off her sister and is prettier than her | Instagram special photo

It seems that Peña Nieto's girlfriend, Tania Ruiz and former Angelica Rivera, are still in full honey on flakes. Thus, said Lico Ruiz, who is the brother of the model. Now, we know the sister-in-law of the former president, Tania shows off her sister and is prettier than her. There is no doubt that it will rain suitors.

Tania Ruiz, shared through her personal account on Instagram, a photograph that is stealing an infinity of love. And, the model took the opportunity to send an emotional congratulation to her sister. Now we know her name is Alynn Ruize, a lovely young woman who seems to be the fourth of her brothers.


Show off your sister

¨I love to see you smile and so happy in everything. You know how much I adore you, love and miss you always. Although we are far away and that prevents you from hugging. I want you to know that here I am always for you and that you are part of my heart, ”said Tania Ruiz.

In fact, also Alynn Ruiz, is dedicated to modeling, because it has appeared on the cover of the magazine Que Tal Virtual, which is a social magazine in San Luis Potosí. What nobody can deny is that it looks really lovely and, although its not the blond, it looks spectacular.

His older brother says that Tania is happy

On the other hand, Tania Ruiz's older brother, Lizo Ruiz, shared in an interview that Infobae conducted him, that his sister is more in love than ever. In fact, both families coexist and accept Peña Nieto very well.

"She is very happy, very much in love and, above all, in peace with herself."

In addition, he assured that they make an excellent dumbbell and get along very well, as from the beginning of their relationship.

Here you can see more photos of his sister …