Pence Assures That Only Trump Wants To Reopen The Country

Washington – Vice President Mike Pence assured this Sunday that “no one” wants the reopening of the country more than President Donald Trump, while several governors criticized the president for supporting the mobilizations against the confinement and said they require more tests and supplies to carry it out. before easing measures in their states to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

“The American people know that no one in the United States wants to reopen this country more than President Donald Trump,” Pence replied during an interview broadcast on the Fox News channel, in which he refrained from referring to the tweets in which the president advocated for the liberation of the states of Minnesota, Michigan and Virginia.

According to Pence, who heads the coronavirus task force at the White House, Trump “will continue to encourage governors to find ways to allow Americans to return to work safely and responsibly.”


The official indicated in other statements to NBC News that “more than 150,000 tests a day are being carried out” and estimated that this number may more than double if the laboratories located in all states are activated.

This Thursday, Trump presented a plan for the economic and social reopening of postcoronavirus while protests against ordered confinement have been grow ing in the country to stop the spread of the pandemic.

The president put in the hands of the governors the decision on when to adhere to a reopening plan that consists of three phases and has no calendar, although he assured that 29 of the 50 states in the United States are already in a position to start the first stage, a which can be accessed if the coronavirus cases have decreased in a period of 14 days and the hospitals operate in a normal situation.

However, several governors warned this Sunday that their states do not have enough COVID-19 tests to consider a prompt reopening and considered that it is not useful for the governor to encourage the mobilizations.

“We’ve been fighting for PPE every day. We now have supplies coming in. We’ve been fighting for the evidence,” said Virginia Governor Democrat Ralph Northam, who regretted that he did not they have enough swabs.

His Maryland colleague, Republican Larry Hogan, pointed to the lack of test kits as the main problem for states since the beginning of this crisis.

“To say that the governors have a lot of evidence and should start working on the evidence, that somehow we are not doing our job, is absolutely false,” he told CNN.

For his part, in dialogue with NBC, the governors of Ohio, Republican Mike DeWine, and Michigan, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, admitted that, although they can double the number of diagnostic tests, they require swabs and reagents.

“We have a shortage, a global shortage of some of the materials involved in this, so we really need help,” DeWine said, referring to the fact that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can prioritize the endorsement of companies with formulas slightly different for extraction kits.

Whitmer pointed out, for his part, that the reagents and swabs are “absolutely essential” in his condition.



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