Pennsylvania Court Considers Donald Trump Campaign Claims

A Pennsylvania court will evaluate Donald Trump’s campaign request that the state’s election results not be certified on Tuesday after a judge denied that campaign’s request to postpone the process.

Judge Matthew Brann advised attorneys for the Trump campaign and those of the defendant counties and constituencies that “they must be prepared to present their arguments and answer questions” in Williamsport federal court.

The Trump campaign insists that Pennsylvania should not accept the results that give President-elect Joe Biden the 20 electoral votes of the state, arguing that the counting standards were not uniform throughout the territory.


Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, Democrat, has asked to dismiss the lawsuit stating that “in the best of cases it was about discrepancies common to the process.”

Brann scheduled the hearing to consider both the request to dismiss the lawsuit and the Republicans’ request to impose a restraining order.

But Trump’s side has suffered severe setbacks in recent days: The Pittsburgh law firm representing him withdrew from the case on Friday, and electoral expert Linda Kerns of Philadelphia and two attorneys did the same on Monday. from Texas.

Mark Scaringi, a Republican lawyer from Camp Hill who lost a senatorial election in 2012, notified the judge that he would take on the defense of the Trump campaign and asked for a delay in the case, which was denied.

The Associated Press declared Biden the winner of the presidential election, but Trump has refused to acknowledge the results and is trying to hamper the democratic transition of power. Excluding Georgia, whose results have not been declared, Biden has at least 290 electoral votes, so even without Pennsylvania he would still be the winner.

Biden’s margin of victory in Pennsylvania is nearly 70,0000 votes.

There is no evidence of fraud in the elections and experts point out that the numerous lawsuits filed by the Trump side will not succeed in reversing the results in Pennsylvania, much less nationally. In fact, authorities from both parties have affirmed that the elections were fully held and international observers have confirmed that there were no serious irregularities.



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