Pentagon Will Cooperate In Investigation Against Him


The Pentagon announced Thursday that it is preparing to cooperate with Congress in the impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump, accused of having blocked an arms contract to pressure Ukraine for electoral purposes.

Today, the department's legal advisor ordered all offices of the Department of Defense to be sent all the corresponding documents and files in order to be archived and reviewed, "said Jonathan Hoffman, a Pentagon spokesman, at a press conference. .


This decision was taken on a preventive basis and not under pressure from Democratic lawmakers conducting the investigation into Trump's impeachment, the spokesman said.

I understand that this is a relatively common practice when there is strong interest from Congress or the inspector general on an issue: the department takes preventive measures to ensure that the data is available. For me it is a relatively routine, but preventive measure. "

Hoffman said Defense Secretary Mark Esper did not participate in the July 25 telephone conversation between Trump and his Ukrainian pair Volodimir Zelenski, in which the American asks his interlocutor for a "service" when the Ukrainian informs him that Wants to buy launches Javelin anti-tank missiles.

The secretary has a very busy agenda. He doesn't spend his days listening to the phone calls of others. "

The US government validated Thursday the sale of 150 missiles and 10 launches Javelin missiles to Ukraine for about $ 39.2 million.


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