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Pérez Considers His Relationship With Racing Point As a Couple That Is Divorcing

Sergio Pérez is close to ending his relationship with Racing Point and the driver hopes that his future in Formula 1 will be known in November

The Mexican driver, Sergio Pérez, acknowledged that his relationship with the Racing Point team could be compared to a marriage, which after several years is on the verge of separation.

Pérez marches in fifth place in the world pilots’ championship Getty Images

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“It’s really weird. It’s like being with a woman who has asked for a divorce for two months, “said the man from Guadalajara.

The member of the Canadian capital team said that his future could be known in November and the Haas, Alfa Romeo, Williams and Red Bull teams are in orbit.

“I have had some conversations with various teams that still do not have confirmed lineups for next year, I can say that there has been some progress here and there, but I still have nothing to report, I have not signed anything,” he told Channel 4.

Pérez, who marches in fifth position in the world pilots’ champi onship, said that he still wants to move on and considered that the moment he lives in the 2020 season is the best moment he has lived in his 10 years at the Gran Circo.

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“Obviously I want to move on, I am very hungry, I feel that I am at the peak of my career, that my next years are going to be the best, but I need to be able to find something very good to be able to move forward,” he declared.

The 30-year-old member pointed out that the moment of uncertainty that he is currently experiencing is not something new in his career, because in past years he has had to wait to know his future.

“I come here, I do my job on and off the track, I have to make sure I always comply 100%. I have been here for many years, I have experienced similar and different situations, this is only part of the game and I accept it. “


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