Perfect Silhouette: Clarissa Molina Does Know How To Raise The Temperature On Instagram

Clarrisa Molina is already palpitating the arrival of her thirtieth birthday. The model, actress and television presenter will celebrate the arrival of three decades on September 23. The versatile Latina artist revealed in a recent interview the reason why she has not managed to find an ideal partner.

“I am too independent. I like a person who complements me, but I always like being able to have the freedom to do the things I want, because I can do it, ”said Clarissa.

A few hours ago, Clarissa Molina shared a photo on her official Instagram account that dazzled a large part of her millions of fans around the world. In it you can see the Latina displaying all her beauty from the back to the camera with nature in the background. The native of Santiago de los Caballeros wore a top and a nude-colored miniskirt that highlighted her delicate figure. In addition, the Caribbean artist complemented her look with her loose hair with waves and a delicate make up.


“They say that your eyes are the window to your soul. Do you see? I’m going to pin the comment that says so! ” It was the simple and thoughtful text that Molina chose as the epigraph to accompany his recent snapshot in the popular little camera network.

Source: Instagram Clarissa Molina

As expected, this post that has as its main protagonist the former participant of the Univision reality show “Nuestra Belleza Latina 2015” was quickly filled with likes, easily surpassing the barrier of 51 thousand hearts. In addition, the beautiful Dominican received hundreds of messages of affection and praise from her most loyal followers towards her splendid physical figure.

Source: Instagram Clarissa Molina