Peru Seeks To Strengthen Its Presence Abroad And In Integration Spaces

The president of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, said that his country has the need to strengthen its presence abroad and actively participate in international integration spaces, as part of the goals for the bicentennial of its independence, which will be held in July next year. Vizcarra inaugurated a meeting of ambassadors representing Peru in the countries of America and in permanent missions to the Organization of American States (OAS) and the United Nations on Monday. “Let us continue working together so that the voice of Peru is increasingly active and heard in the world, so that in the year and a half (missing) of Government we lay the foundations of a more united and more prosperous country, that puts Peru first, “said the ruler. STRENGTHEN EXTERNAL RELATIONS The president asked the ambassadors to continue working on the integration of Peru with the region and the world, in addition to strengthening relations with neighboring countries. He added that his country has a foreign policy aimed at peace, democracy, development and integration, values ​​and objectives with which, he said, has been traditionally committed and remain in force. Vizcarra said the current challenge is to continue strengthening its institutions to ensure a better quality of life and higher levels of representation for Peruvians and stressed that in Peru there is a separation and independence of powers. A COMPETITIVE COUNTRY The president also stressed that his country has advanced “a lot” during this century thanks to the contribution of the Foreign Ministry, which allowed him to insert himself competitively in spaces such as the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC) and the Alliance from Pacific. “We need effective institutions internally, but also externally to manage global issues more efficiently and face challenges such as climate change, inequality or organized crime,” he concluded. The meeting of ambassadors accredited by Peru to American countries, the OAS and the UN will be held until Wednesday, convened by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to “make an assessment of the changing global scenario and its implications for the region in the economic, political, and social. ” It also proposes to analyze the role that Peruvian diplomacy must adopt in this context and establish lines of action in the field of foreign policy that will strengthen the projection of the country’s interests in the region.