Peru’s Prime Minister Says There Will Be No Trials

Peru’s Prime Minister Says There Will Be No Trials

The president of the Council of Ministers of Peru, Aníbal Torres, declared this Wednesday that the Government submits to the processes of fiscal or judicial investigation, but not to “media trials”, in relation to the investigations against the Minister of Transport, Geiner Alvarado.

“We do not submit to media trials. We submit to the processes of fiscal, judicial investigation or, if it is about administrative processes, those carried out by the respective commission,” Torres said about the investigation against Alvarado at a press conference. after the Council of Ministers.

The Minister of Transport was implicated in an alleged criminal network to award public works irregularly, in which Castillo’s family environment is allegedly found.


However, Alvarado posted a message on his Twitter account in which he “categorically rejected being part of a criminal organization” and asked the Public Ministry “to clarify the case promptly, so as not to affect the dignity of the people,” after absent from the Council of Ministers.

Torres added that there is no indication that the minister has committed anything irregular, but pointed out that if any evidence is found, he will ask the president to proceed “with his removal.”

He added that the investigations must be carried out “objectively, in accordance with the law, respecting due process and the presumption of innocence” and stressed that “the rights of the person are respected.”

The questions from the press were aimed at clarifying what happened this Tuesday, when the Prosecutor’s Office, under a court order, arrested three people involved in an alleged corruption network in which Minister Alvarado and the sister-in-law of the President of Peru are also being investigated. Yenifer Paredes.

Paredes, who was raised as a daughter by the presidential couple, turned herself in to the Public Ministry this Wednesday, after a special team from the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office searched for her on Tuesday at the Government Palace and this Wednesday in a house of the Cajamarca region, where Castillo is from.

“It is an abuse that the Prosecutor’s Office is carrying out operations every so often in the Government Palace. Not once, twice, three times, for the same act. Is that correct? No, it is not correct,” said Torres.

The prime minister also insisted that the Peruvian justice system “persecutes the president only because they don’t like him to be president.”

And he added that, although there are decent and honest magistrates, there are also “others, and in quantity.”

Torres reiterated the idea that there is an “economically wealthy sector” that did not recognize Pedro Castillo’s victory and that, from the first day he was sworn in, “they began to beat him up.”

After his words, the Minister of Justice, Félix Chero, also defended Castillo by emphatically stating that the president is not alone, but has the full support of the Council of Ministers, in the face of the political crisis unleashed in the midst of at least five open investigations for alleged corruption against the head of state.

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