Pescadito Ruíz, Nominated For Mls Hall Of Fame

Pescadito Ruíz, Nominated For MLS Hall Of Fame

Carlos Ruíz left an indelible mark on the history of Major League Soccer (MLS) and that is why he was added to the list of 14 retired players in the possibility of entering the Hall of Fame.To be able to aspire to this, the footballer You must be at least three years old after hanging your boots, but do not exceed the maximum limit of 10 years. Also, having played a minimum of five seasons in that competition.The Pescadito is running alongside other legends such as David Beckham, Thierry Henry, Frankie Hedjuk, among others, in the men’s branch. Voting begins on Wednesday, 18 March 2020. If anyone appears on at least 66.7% of the ballots, they will win an election, while anyone who does not appear on at least 5% of the ballots will be removed.