Pete Buttigieg highlights the pride she feels for her husband in the face of comments against him

Pete Buttigieg Highlights The Pride He Feels For His Husband In The Face Of Comments Against Him

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said Sunday that he is proud of his marriage and her husband, Chasten Glezman, in reference to statements by conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh on whether voters would choose him because he has “kissed her husband” in the scenario after discussions.

Buttigieg said the United States should have a policy open to everyone and added that he would not accept comments on “the family values ​​of people like Rush Limbaugh or anyone who supports Donald J. Trump as the moral and political leader of the United States.” .

The applicant made his statements on the “State of the Union” and “Fox News Sunday” programs of CNN.


Buttigieg married in June 2018 with the high school teacher in the church of Saint James, in South Bend, in a ceremony that included readings as excerpts from the decision of the Supreme Court to legalize the marriage of same-sex couples and a Jesus sermon collected in the gospels.

Buttigieg is the first openly gay contender with serious chances of reaching the presidency, but as he himself claimed in an interview with the Axios medium, he probably would not become the first homosexual president of the United States.

The precandidate is emerging as one of the strongest contenders after winning the Iowa caucus, where he obtained 14 of the 41 delegates who were at stake, while the leftist and much better known Bernie Sanders left with 12. In New Hampshire the former rival of Hillary Clinton, 78, won the victory with 26% of the vote, according to the projections of the partial results, while the moderate Buttigieg achieved 24.4%, maintaining her condition of surprise.

The former mayor of a medium-sized city, South Bend (Indiana), Buttigieg formalized his candidacy last April with a speech in which he claimed the need for a generational relief to seize power from President Trump, who has criticized him sharper not from progressive positions, but from where it can hurt the most, religion.



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