Peter Morgan Justifies The End Of ‘The Crown’ One Season Ahead Of Schedule

It’s been a week since Netflix caused bittersweet feelings among the fans of the series ‘The Crown’ by announcing, on the one hand, that the renowned Imelda Staunton would pick up Olivia Colman’s witness when she played Isabel II in the fifth season of the acclaimed production and, on the other hand, that the series would end precisely after that series of episodes instead of opting for a sixth season.The creator of the successful television fiction, Peter Morgan, has now come to the fore to delve into the reasons that have led him to make such a decision, among which he emphasizes his conviction that it is unwise to try to analyze in such detail those moments in history that, in his opinion, are too recent. “I think you cannot examine events that happened yesterday, in historical terms, from a sufficiently complete or rigorous perspective. In my opinion, it is necessary to leave about 10 or 20 years away to be able to assimilate In their fullness, and in certain cases we have to wait even longer, “said the scriptwriter and producer in conversation with the Daily Mail newspaper. The playwright also revealed that Imelda Staunton’s career in the role of the fireproof monarch will end “explosively” with the entry of the United Kingdom into the new millennium: an era marked, among other things, by the series of major architectural changes that took place in the city of London: the creation of the so-called Millenium Dome (currently O2 Arena), the inauguration of the Millennium Bridge and, of course, the installation of the famous ‘London Eye’ ferris wheel on the south bank of the Thames. “I would like to continue exploring the intricacies of the monarchy, but perhaps I will go a lot further back in time, perhaps well before the birth of the Queen, “Peter Morgan revealed in the same interview to say, just below, that the British crown had not lived in time “as turbulent” as they are now – especially because of the pedophilia scandal that splashes on Prince Andrew of England – since the ‘annus horribilis’ of Isabel II in 1992, when Carlos and Diana of Wales announced their separation and, in case That was not enough, there was a great fire in Buckingham Palace, in addition to other setbacks.