Photo Confirming Gina Rodríguez As The Hottest Housewife In The Quarantine

The model and sentimental partner of Cristiano Ronaldo has shared a suggestive and funny snapshot in equal parts, in which she appears hanging clothes and showing off her attributes

The model Georgina Rodríguez he remains completely faithful to the idea that his Instagram profile is a showcase to his most intimate life and there he publishes all kinds of photos: from those most tender and familiar with the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and the four children they raise together , even those others in which it presumes without any penalty the physical attributes that have made it the image of numerous commercial brands.


The last of the photos with which he has surprised his followers, amusing and shocking alike, combines both facets, that of a housewife and that of an object of desire for Internet users. In it, the Mallorcan woman appears from behind, hanging out the clothes and, to top it off, wearing a bodysuit from one of the clothing firms that sponsor her and that leaves little to the imagination.

“Cloths to the air”, is the poetic title that has given the impressive image, which already exceeds a million ‘likes’ on the platform and has generated a shower of comments from fans and celebrities such as Paula Echevarría, Adriana Albenia and India Martínez, who could not help but make a direct reference to Georgina’s powerful butt. “I think your pants have blown up, hehehe,” he commented with a sense of humor.

In addition to openly bragging about that butt that, as is clear from her profile, she exercises with intensity based on morning squats, the former guest presenter and star of the last Sanremo Festival has made clear in recent weeks her skills for baking – Part of last Sunday was devoted to baking a cake- and the pulse so firm that characterizes him when it comes to cutting his flirtatious boyfriend’s hair.