Photo Noelia Shares How Her Day Ends, With Only One Shirt And From The Bed

Photo Noelia shares how her day ends, with only one shirt and from the bed. | Instagram

The singer Noelia shared with her followers that her days are quite busy, but that she also takes time to rest and greatly surprised them by sharing an image from the bed and as she sleeps, with only one shirt.

The interpreter of Give me a reason looks quite comfortable in the publication that she shared in her official Instagram account where she is seen already lying in her bed, with her hair collected and showing her beautiful legs and a little more.


This is how I finish after a day of Business, Bicycle beside the Beach, GYM, Study and preparing Trips. Tired ??? NO WAY JOSE Just a little rest and Segments ahead I Love You I Love You I Love You, he wrote next to the photograph.

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Noelia recently confessed that after filing a complaint against who was her stepfather and manager, Topy Mamery, for abuse, began a campaign to discredit her, causing a crisis in her professional career and a huge depression since she believed all the doors had been closed.

Despite the crisis, the singer chose to give herself another chance or would take a drastic exit. Fortunately in this part of her story is where the angel of her guardian, Jorge Reynoso, her now husband appears.

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I call Rudy PĂ©rez, who helped me get an appointment with Jorge [Reynoso, her now husband] and said ‘if this man accepts and doesn't believe what they were watering around; that I was an unstable one, that I was crazy, Noelia is coming, run away; then here I will continue, if not, I no longer have anything to do here; it's better to go upstairs with you.

It was in an interview with the Ventaneando program that Noelia narrated the most difficult moment of his life and also the happiest, when he found the love of his life and, like a hero, saved his life.

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In the summer of 2005 I met him, he shook my hand immediately; He started to help me rebuild, rebuild my career. Immediately, he got me a label, he signed me, he made me make a record.