Photo Thalia And The Emotional Tribute To Her Mother

Photo Thalia and the emotional tribute to her mother. | Instagram

Yolanda Miranda definitely was and is an angel in the life of singer Thalia and that is how the Mexican paid tribute by sharing an edited image in which the singer appears in a prayer position while her mother is close to her taking care of her as a Angel.

The image is more than moving and would fill anyone's eyes with tears since it is good to know that Miranda dedicated her life to Thalia to see her shine and be the international artist she is today.


The singer has always shown love for her mother in social networks, mainly on important dates such as her birthday, happy anniversary, Mother's Day and others; but his followers have also confirmed that a special day is not necessary for Thalia to remember that being who not only gave her life, gave her much more.

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As a child, Thalía began her artistic career thanks to Yolanda Miranda and since she started stepping on stages and forums, her mother became her unconditional companion.

Without having prior knowledge of it or contacts, Miranda managed to get excellent opportunities for her daughter and little by little she dabbled on television and the successful musical group Timbiriche.

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Thalia became the queen of soap operas in Mexico, becoming an actress with those known as the three Marias, María la del Bario, María Mercedes and Marimar. Along with the performance, the Mexican began her musical career as a soloist in which luck also smiled at her.

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The labor relationship between Yolanda Miranda, who served as manager and Thalia ended when the singer met music mogul Tommy Mottola, who promised to make her an international star; subsequently, his wife made it.