Pilot Plan Begins With Bogotá With PrEP, The Medicine That Prevents HIV Infection

The pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) method is a medication that does not prevent the virus from multiplying inside the body once it enters, which stops the development of HIV, according to Manuel González, Undersecretary of Public Health at 'Despierta Bogotá' .

In the same interview, González clarified that this pilot plan led by the Pan American Health Organization will be done in Bogotá with 450 volunteers from the highest risk population: gay men and transgender women, and will last one year.



"People at higher risk for HIV infection are identified, they are tested to rule out that they already live with HIV, and if these tests are negative, then the treatment begins," said the undersecretary, on the procedure for selecting those They want to be part of the pilot, who can register at www.prep-colombia.org.

"Global studies have shown that it has an effectiveness between 92% and 96% to prevent new HIV infections," added Manuel Gonzalez, when asked about the effectiveness of this treatment, which is not new, but still It does not reach Colombia.

.@Health sector launched a pilot plan for HIV AIDS prevention method in vulnerable populations. This plan is carried out for one year with volunteers of legal age → pic.twitter.com/ra17U8ODIH

– Canal Capital (@CanalCapital) November 1, 2019

It is important to understand that PrEP is a medication aimed at people who usually have risk practices (unprotected sex, multiple sexual partners, people who inject drugs or who have undetectable HIV + partners, among others) and that only helps prevent HIV, that is, people can get any other sexually transmitted disease without using a condom.

In the region, according to El Espectador, this method is already used in Brazil in approximately 15 thousand people and in Chile, the country in which “this medicine was distributed free of charge since the first quarter of 2019”.

Here you can consult all the countries in which PrEP is already present.