Piqué Confesses His "https://www.diez.hn/"may Sin" Https://www.diez.hn/ "and Sends a Dart To Real Madrid – Ten

The defender Gerard Piqué was the luxury guest on Tuesday in the Spanish program El Hormiguero and did not miss the opportunity to launch his dart to Real Madrid.

This is how the standings in the Spanish League go

The Barcelona center was accompanied by the former David Ferrer to present the new and reconstitute Davis Cup, which will begin from November 18 to 24 in the Spanish capital.


In addition to analyzing the tournament, Piqué confessed and brought to light his "https://www.diez.hn/"mayor sin" https://www.diez.hn/ ". The journalist Pablo Motos asked him what fast food he liked best and the central said, laughing, that "https://www.diez.hn/"me as a half-pot of Nutella a day, although I know it is not healthy" https : //www.diez.hn/ ".

He also commented that apart from football, the only sport he likes to practice is tennis.

Finally, Piqué was asked if he had ever worn the Real Madrid shirt and was very blunt: "https://www.diez.hn/"n never, for the allergy issue" https: // www. ten.hn/ ".

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