Piqué Wanted To Mock Real Madrid And Iker Casillas ‘shut It Up’

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Spain / 02.05.2020 14:03:55

This Saturday marks the 11th anniversary of that historic victory of Barcelona 6-2 against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu; a black night for the merengue group that year after year the Catalans do not hesitate to remember, just as Gerard Piqué did.


True to his spicy style, the Blaugrana center-back posted a video of that match, where he lit the stands at the Bernabéu making fun of the fans, however Iker Casillas would take off when returning the ‘little reminder’ and referring to the 13 Champions League he has the Madrid.

“11 years”, wrote Gerard on his social networks, while Iker added 2 more: “11 + 2 = 13”, thus gaining hundreds of responses from meringues fans who celebrated the trolling.

And is that this game for many is considered a watershed in itself and a strong rivalry between the two most important teams in Spain, tension that sometimes led to the National Team, although despite this, the Red Fury won 2 Euro Cups and a World Cup.


It was a May 2, 2009 when Barça entered Madrid’s court and, as was the custom at those times, he began to suffer with Higuain’s goal at the start of the game, however, the white taste lasted for a short time because Tierry Henry, Carles Puyol and Messi turned the game around.

For the complement Sergio Ramos headed the meringue illusion returned, but in the last half hour of the game the culé box became unbearable and with goals from henry, Messi again and a jewel from Piqué, they culminated an unforgettable win.

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