Pirates, The First Club To Register 100 Dominicans In MLB

Created by Oneil Cruz via Diomedes Oliveau to Riobel Peguero, Tony Peña to Starling Marte, Matio Alou, Miguel Dironay, Franklin Taberas, Aramis Ramirez, Pedro Alvarez, Gregory Polanco With high expectations, Pirates do not have a Dominican Republic. Top 24 players measured by WAR.

However, the umbilical cord that connects the headquarters of the organization to the Dominican Republic does not have a hole at 2,622 kilometers that separates it. The bond was strengthened by the marriage of the team and Aguilas Cibaenas in the 1970s, with no signs of cracking.

On Saturday, 21-year-old Peguero became the 100th Quisqueyan to dress up as a team. This is the first big show club with 100 foreign players on the team.


Certified by Francisco Marte, Santiago’s system engineer, it combines Baseball-Reference, Retrosheet, and Sean Lahman databases on the Por los 411 platform, both on the web and in social networks. DL has confirmed the information.

The door that opened when Olivo was 36 years old. Ramirez arrived at the youngest (19 years old) in 1960, and Creole was the oldest to make his debut. Today, Cruz raises dazzling expectations.

Matio Alou, along with the Buccaneers, achieved Dual Tian’s first personal offensive leadership (batting in 1966), Penha won three Gold Glove Awards (the only native catcher to win this award), and Taberas. He gained Steele’s first leadership with the Dominican registration (1977).

According to the DL file, 40 of the group made their debut on the Pennsylvania team and the remaining 60 arrived via trade or free agents. The club’s real estate was signed and developed by 41 of the 868 Quisqueyans who came to the reference organization Gran Circo between the 1970s and 1990s under the responsibility of listener Pablo Neftalí Cruz.

Pirates may soon make friends with the club. There are 98 uniformed Dominicans in a franchise playing today in Washington (formerly in Montreal). Behind them are the Orioles and Royals (92), the Rangers (90), the Dodgers (89), the Tigers (88), and the Blue Jays (87). Twins (47) are displayed in the queue.

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