Pizarro’s ‘novel’ Annoys Rayados, Which Could Go Until May

Jessika Méndez

Nuevo León / 10.02.2020 15:19:30

The ‘novel’ starring Rodolfo Pizarro and Inter Miami does not end, the player remains under the orders of Rayados, but at any time he could leave and this bothers the royal directive.


And it is that the closing in the MLS for signings is until May 5, so that on the part of the American club there would be no hurry to make the payment of the termination clause, so that today it only bothers Monterrey.

Duilio Davino, President of Rayados, talked about the issue and acknowledges that there is that uncertainty that does not let them be well, but what they are sure of is that they do not want to have a player on the squad who does not want to be.

“It is certainly an awkward situation, it seems badly managed, we know that FIFA does not allow talking to players with a contract; then it is annoying, hopefully it can be resolved in the best way. ”

The Disciplinary Commission is targeting Rodolfo Pizarro for messing with Leon’s fans, he orchestrated his own ment! ???? ‍♂️

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– Half Time (@time) February 10, 2020

“Yes (there is uncertainty), without a doubt and already the club in its corresponding area is seeing the best way to solve this. In the end, the one who will have that decision is the player, we want him to stay, but we cannot force anyone to be here, so the decision will be his, ”said Davino.

For now, the manager is confident that Rayados will lift in the League with or without Pizarro, because he considers that if there is a squad that may be able to do so, that is the one of the Pandilla, just as he did in the Opening 2019, waking up from Day 14 onwards, ending with the championship.

“It is certainly not the start we expected but this team can get up and has done it and if someone can get up it is Monterrey, so hopefully so,” he concluded.