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Playoffs NBA 2021: NBA Playoffs 2021 At The Moment: Dates, Teams And Games Of The Play-in And The Postseason

NBA 2021 Playoffs Everything is defined in the league: postseason, Play In, the Draft …

How the NBA Playoffs will be played: crossovers at the moment for the 2021 season.

The NBA reached its last week of the regular season, where the teams qualified for the playoffs and those that will have to play a play-in tournament to aspire to stay alive in the fight for the title were defined.

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The Play-In tournament returns after making its debut in the Orlando bubble in 2020, but now it is expanding to more teams and the surprise is that the current champions, Lakers, fell to this place where they will face the Warriors.

The new repechage format includes 10 teams per conference: the first six qualify directly for the Playoffs; from the seventh to the tenth the Play In is played.

The 8 plays against the 9 and the winner becomes the seventh of his conference.

The 9 faces the 10 and the winner faces the loser of the duel 8-9 to be the eighth.

Utah Jazz 52-20Phoenix Suns 51-21Denver Nuggets 47-25LA Clippers 47-25Dallas Mavericks 42-30Portland Trailblazers 42-30LA Lakers 42-30Golden State Warriors 39-33Memphis Grizzlies 38-34San Antonio Spurs 33-39

Five teams are already eliminated (Pelicans, Kings, TWolves, Thunder and Rockets) and the top five (Jazz, Suns, Nuggets, Clippers and Mavs) have already secured their direct ticket to the Playoffs.

The play-in tournament will be played by Lakers, Warriors, Memphis and Spurs, after Sunday’s results to find out who to access the playoffs.

Philadelphia 76ers 49-23 Brooklyn Nets 48-24 Milwaukee Bucks 46-26 New York Knicks 41-31 Atlanta Hawks 41-31 Miami Heat 40-32 Boston Celtics 36-36 Washington Wizards 34-38 Indiana Pacers 34-38 Charlotte Hornets 33-39

In the East, the Sixers already secured the home in the Playoffs and the second was for the Nets with Saturday’s victory, so they will have the home in the second round.

Hawks, Knicks and Heat are the other three who secured the direct pass. Boston already claimed to be seventh, while the eighth was for the Wizards followed by the Pacers and Hornets, who will play the play-in.

Eastern Conference

(1) Philadelphia 76ers vs. (8) Second Winner Play In

(2) Brooklyn Nets vs. (7) Winner Celtics vs. Wizards

(3) Milwaukee Bucks vs. (6) Miami Heat

(4) NY Knicks vs. (5) Atlanta Hawks

Western Conference

(1) Utah Jazz vs. (8) Second Winner Play In

(2) Phoenix Suns vs. (7) Winner Lakers vs. Warriors

(3) Denver Nuggets vs. (6) Portland Trail Blazers

(4) LA Clippers vs. (5) Dallas Mavericks

Tuesday May 18 | Eastern Conference | (7) Boston Celtics vs. (8) Washington Wizards | 6:30 PM ET | TNT

Tuesday May 18 | Eastern Conference | (9) Indiana Pacers vs. (10) Charlotte Hornets | 9:00 ET | TNT

Wednesday May 19 | Western Conference | (9) Memphis vs. (10) San Antonio | 7:30 PM ET | ESPN

Wednesday May 19 | Western Conference | (7) LA Lakers vs. (8) Golden State Warriors | 10:00 PM ET | ESPN

Thursday May 20 | Eastern Conference | Loser Celtics-Wizards vs. Winner Pacers-Hornets | 8:00 PM ET | TNT

Friday May 21 | Western Conference | Loser Lakers-Warriors vs Winner Grizlies-Spurs | schedule to be defined | ESPN

Once again, losing to win is being the battle motto of several of the teams, a situation that has generated much criticism, but they choose to tanking to try to accelerate the reconstruction.

Houston Rockets 17-55 Detroit Pistons 20-52 Orlando Magic 21-51 Oklahoma City Thunder 22-50 Cleveland Cavaliers 22-50 Minnesota Timberwolves 23-49 Toronto Raptors 27-45 Sacramento Kings 31-41 Chicago Bulls 31-41 New Orleans Pelicans 31-41

The eight chosen will begin the postseason on Saturday, May 22, with the usual format of winning 4 of 7 games.

Contrary to the 2020 season, the NBA postseason will not be played in the same venue, but in the stadiums of each of the qualified teams, with the format of 2-2-1-1-1.

FINAL | Charlotte Hornets 110-115 Washington Wizards | CHRONICLE

FINAL | Indiana Pacers 125-113 Toronto Raptors

FINAL | Boston Celtics 92-96 New York Knicks | CHRONICLE

FINAL | Phoenix Suns 123-121 San Antonio Spurs

FINAL | Memphis Grizzlies 101-113 Golden State Warriors | CHRONICLE

FINAL | Cleveland Cavaliers 109-123 Brooklyn Nets

FINAL | Orlando Magic 117-128 Philadelphia 76ers

FINAL | Houston Rockets 95-124 Atlanta Hawks

FINAL | Miami Heat 120-107 Detroit Pistons

FINAL | Los Angeles Lakers 110-98 New Orleans Pelicans

FINAL | Milwaukee Bucks 112-118 Chicago Bulls

FINAL | Los Angeles Clippers 112-117 Oklahoma City Thunder

FINAL | Dallas Mavericks 121-136 Minnesota Timberwolves

FINAL | Denver Nuggets 116-132 Portland Trail Blazers

FINAL | Utah Jazz 121-99 Sacramento Kings | 20:00 ET


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