Poignant Story! Dayanara Torres Beat Cancer: “It Was So Strong For Me That …”

Dayanara Torres moved all her fans with a series of moving videos that she posted on the photography network, where she decided to make a very important announcement.

From your personal Instagram account, Puerto Rican actress He confessed to his more than 1.4 billion followers who, apparently, beat the skin cancer he has suffered for a year. Related News Just as you are reading, former wife Marc Anthony and mother of two of her children He shared (on social networks) with his fans that he has finished the treatment that began in February 2019.

“Last Treatment # 18. What a year full of emotions, uncertainties, fatigue, intense pains that have not allowed me to rest and many times to sleep, weight gain, daily nausea, and even everything tastes like metal … but a year full of learning. What a lesson of experience so strong for me, “said the former beauty queen from her official profile as one of the three audiovisuals that came up.” Today is a great day for me and me family! Praying and pleading now on my knees so that in March when I have all my exams (MRI, Citi, Pet) everything is negative. People! More than ever do not let me go … “, begged the conductor of” Look who dances “.


Then, trusting the good vibes of his followers and the mercy of God, the 45-year-old brunette added: “Prayer comes no matter how far it comes! God is in control & God is Good Always!”

Finally, in another publication, Dayanara Torres revealed to her fans that she considers herself a good “warrior” of this terrible disease. “What a great curve they have thrown at us, but God only gives the battles to their strongest soldiers. Today I am the warrior who keeps fighting! #CancerSucks #iGotThis #Stronger #StandingStrong #MelaNoMas,” he concluded.