Polished Denies Leaving Chivas Due To Money Problems

The champion of opening goals 2019 denied in an interview granted to ESPN that his departure has been given for money issues and that he did seek to continue in the rojiblanco box. It is not to your liking. There was never a dialogue with the board and I was looking for Sporting. I liked that, that’s why I took the challenge. I never talked to Peláez and Tena to tell me if they had me in their plans. I didn’t want to leave Chivas, I was the scorer. There was a pending talk and it never took place. They said I wanted more money and that was not the case. ” “I was very surprised by the team’s facilities, the league grew a lot and is no longer a retirement as was thought in Mexico. Each league is different, there are many quality players in Mexico, it is a very competitive league. What if the MLS offers you stability, there are quality players and it is a different country that motivates you. Yes, MLS is not on par with the MX League, but it is getting very close. ” The now Sporting Kansas City player also gave himself time to talk about Guadalajara’s reinforcements. “They were reinforced very well, but they are not consecrated players, they are new players who come to a team with a lot of pressure and that influences. They have to be united as a team and try to get out of the crisis. It hurts to see Chivas like that, I hope that They can be in the League. ” I don’t need anyone to believe in me, while I believe in myself ⚽️⚪️ / # AP9

I don’t need anyone to believe in me, it’s enough that I believe in myself ⚽️⚪️ # AP9 pic.twitter.com/TUGfjcl60D– POLISHED 9️⃣ # AP9 (@alanpulido) January 20, 2020 The official Tamaulipas match debut will take place on March 1 visiting the Vancouver Whitecaps.