Political Paralysis Assembly 200 And We Go For 300. #MexicoLibreVa

From the popular slang "this no one stops him", I heard him tell Manuel de Jesús Clouthier del Rincón known in the political slang as "Maquío", well it really is an issue that they said from the family; and no one stopped him and it was in 1988 that politics in Mexico changed, he was no longer submissive, the shouts of change could no longer be silenced, although some protagonists were silenced. Today, a group of citizens led by the best president in history in Mexico according to the survey of jurists of the UNAM, Felipe Calderón and Margarita Zavala, is that we want to form the Mexico Libertad y Responsabilidad party, México Libre, we recognize in politics as a way to cause improvements in the country for the benefit of the people, for the good of the people from the government.

México Libre legally complied with the first of the official requirements, achieving a minimum of 200 district assemblies, but we are going for three hundred. They were achieved despite the presidential apparatus, which gives him a dread that a viable alternative is created that is different, but above all impeccable, formed by free and independent citizens who raised their hands to be part of their foundation.

There are many direct and dimes in the political environment, one of which I am convinced, is that in politics there are no coincidences and that the presidential apparatus is against the creation of Mexico Libre, coincidentally now that Mexico Libre was about to comply with 200 assemblies are that coincidences arise casually, the arrest of García Luna by the American justice, despite being a citizen based in the USA since 2012, it is so far that they stop him, coincidentally at the same time the T is approved -MEC in the USA with an addendum included, casually when Evo ran from the country, coincidentally the day Trump would declare the cartels as terrorists and stopped, casually before the presidential submission with the acceptance of the addendum that included the signing of the US government Well, that addendum, as businessmen say, is terrible for Mexicans, one point is that labor supervision is approved in companies, that is, they make a lad or the STPS, something like that.


But with everything and that people are giving place to the creation of the Mexico Free party, and that is not about creating a party more, submissive like many others created, it is about being a real counterweight that works with the government in turn, while accessing the government, the formula is already created, it will have its modifications of the way of seeing the policy, especially updating it of how the policy was from 2006 to 2012. One of the policies that have changed in the world, not Thus, in Mexico, it is the environmental one, México Libre proposes an environmental policy, especially in the generation of energy, unlike what is currently being promoted with President López, which has to do totally with the most polluting energies.

It will only be necessary to see that the gasoline they are producing in the refineries reaches just over 40% of production, instead they reach almost 50% of fuel oil, being the most polluting fuel that exists in the market, to have a reference in the USA Refineries produce more than 90% clean gasoline and less than 5% polluting fuel.

Mexico Libre is the alternative that the good and wise people have to return to the path of the well-being of the population, different from what is currently happening, that there is a loss of 650 billion pesos in the country's production in the third quarter, which they represent more than 18.8 million annualized minimum wages, México Libre openly shows favoring the free market as a way to achieve growth and development, while at present the free market is demonized, but the most neoliberal agreement is signed, recognized in the world, in fact the largest in the world, the T-MEC, formerly known as the Free Trade Agreement.

We need to meet the last requirement that is that of the more than 233 thousand affiliations, as of today December 15, we have 170 thousand affiliations, minimum 30 thousand will be achieved in the remaining 100 assemblies, in these more than two months and medium, we must achieve the brand, the good and wise people must do their part supporting the creation of Mexico Libre, knows that it is a guarantee, it is a party that is being formed with the only commitment to serve Mexico, free of quotas of to be able, or to buy affiliations, each one of the affiliates has done so by requesting they say in the musical jargon with a loud voice from their hoarse chest.

Don Julio, let's talk about Mexico Libre



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