Political Paralysis Trump's Campaign

Since his presidential campaign Trump threatened Mexico that if he considered it necessary, the USA would use all the power of its armed forces to intervene in the country.

Something that is true is that at the time Trump shook President Peña, but with all that shaking, with his throat closed and with two of the male virilities in his throat, Peña replied that Mexico would not pay for the wall, and he did so until he left his administration. Another subject that made the bi-national agenda hot was about the drug cartels, Peña did not do it live, it was because of El Chapo and he will surely have told him, "Well, I can't hide you anymore, I catch you and I miss you" and that was the case, there were no badly armed or misunderstood files or uncorroborated evidence as is happening with teacher Gordillo or with the uncomfortable brother, or as is happening with “Javidú”, with Moreno Valle or the latter, the “Ovidiazo”.

I do not know if any neighbor has pissed you off, or you unwittingly be the angry neighbor who has a bigger sound system than your home but pretends that the whole neighborhood listens to his reggaeton music and also expects to be told to upload more , or that the dog went to defecate just outside your entrance door to your house and when you go to work you do not realize and step on it, not only does the shoe get dirty but it also leaves the shit muddy outside your house , or worse than a "friend" of his 18-year-old son and his son is 14, goes and goes home and takes drugs and sells them to his son and then gets into the sister's room and well , Do not you want to go for an UZI to “gust” your neighbor to lower the volume ?, oh well well to the gringos either.


But when the neighbors are already killing people in their family, they organize massacres and they still hang up the bodies that victimized and have "terrified" the good and wise people, oh well, the gringos have laws to act in case something so it happens inside and outside its territory, mainly with the intention of protecting the gringos citizens.

Since his presidential campaign Trump threatened Mexico that if he considered it necessary, the United States would use all the power of its armed forces to intervene Mexico, because its work against the cartels was not being adequate. Already being on duty, it was when Peña delivered the Chapo, let's say as a sign of goodwill and delivered to others. Now President López, as a sign of goodwill, offered the entire country as a wall, without the gringos spending a single dollar, an attitude that President Trump welcomed, but he also won his sympathy, all he needed was not. But the matter in Mexico began to grow as for the acts of the terrorist type of the groups that are dedicated to this of evil, until they arrived in Culiacán with the failed attempt to arrest the children of El Chapo, it is not something that Trump has liked me, but President Lopez likes him. Immediately afterwards comes the attack on the LeBarón family, a family of gringo origin, which had protection, which President López considered he did not have to have and decided to save some pesos and took away his protection. Trump for his part offered President Lopez to sweep the yard they are using backyard and Lopez rejected his offer.

The gringos legislators who are worse than María Magdalena in that of the suffering began to press with the subject of the terrorism that is lived in Mexico that already affected American citizens, and even with a total disrespect to the country and its security strategy, began to make fun of the fuchis, gucacalas, hugs, accuse them with their mother. President Trump had remained reserved on this issue and very contrary to his customs, he had said nothing. President López decides to send for Evo Morales after his people voted against him, without Evo having applied for asylum, he is more without complying with refugee protocols and decides to give the former president Evo a security body, such as that he had taken from the LeBarón family.

President López may not know it, but Evo Morales has made public statements about how proud he is to have drug plantations, or the multiple news about Maduro's relationship and the big drug cartels where he is involved, but that is found on Facebook or any YouTube channel, this being a clear provocation to the gringo government, it is assumed that Mexico, Canada and USA are partners and President López brings Trump's awkward neighbor to life, the one who He puts all his volume to his sound device with reggaeton music and he has his dog made in his yard. Now President Trump's speech is to consider the cartels as terrorist groups with which they would not ask anyone's permission to act.

The question is where they would enter first, if in Culiacán for what happened in the failed attempt or would be launched directly to the National Palace, of course looking to find Evo. What is certain is that the wolf already warned for a long time that he was going to arrive, that no one is surprised if he arrives, there are those who say that the gringos first control their drug users and their arms sales, ok, that means that so many massacres are there in Mexico? Or as?

Is the strategy not working and the people are not happy, happy, happy?

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