Political Prisoner Carlos Gonzáles Requests Hospital Help To Treat “viral Pneumonia”

The former political prisoner Carlos Gonzáles Flores is in poor health because he has inflammation in the lungs caused by “viral pneumonia”, so he asks for help to buy oxygen.

Gonzales said that he went to the Humberto Alvarado hospital in Masaya but was denied medical attention because he was an opponent of the Daniel Ortega regime, so he went to a private clinic where tests showed that he had inflammation in his lungs, which made it difficult for him to breathe .

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“I am needing oxygen because they have done tests on everything and the plaques come out because I have inflamed lungs, I have viral pneumonia and the doctor sent me to the hospital but they do not treat me well, the first time they took me out, they did not treat me, I they took a plaque and they only told me that I had bronchitis, we decided to look for someone through the whole family they made a plaque in a private hospital and the plaque says that it is what I have inflamed lungs and that I need oxygen, “said the former political prisoner .

The former political prisoner appealed to the solidarity of the Nicaraguan people to buy oxygen “I need that helping hand if you can help me, I need your help, the main thing is oxygen, God bless you”

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The former political prisoner was captured on January 1, 2019 in Masaya. If you want to support this family with limited financial resources, you can contact Elizabeth Urbina Urbina, wife of the former political prisoner, at +505 8160 7481.