Political Trial Of Donald Trump: a New Book That Could Complicate It

However, neither Trump nor the White House want Bolton to testify.

The White House had already ordered Bolton and other fundamental officials not to cooperate with the investigation of the political trial. The manuscript has increased the interest of the president's advisors in requesting a restraining order to prevent Bolton from testifying, according to two people informed about it. It is not clear if they could do it.

The manuscript introduced an important turn to political judgment.


The revelations of the Bolton book manuscript could complicate the political judgment. A few moderate Republican senators who have been open to calling witnesses did not seem convinced by the arguments put forward last week by the Democratic leaders of the House of Representatives at the trial that, according to the Times on January 24, seemed aimed at end in a vote, this week, to exonerate Trump.

Bolton's revelations could show the support of that group and a few other senators who have hinted that they may be willing to listen. Tennessee Republican Senator Lamar Alexander said on January 24 that he planned to wait until after Trump's lawyers made their presentation and after the senators asked the lawyers questions to decide whether they would support the new evidence and testimony.

In the manuscript of the book, the name of at least one senator who will vote in the political trial was mentioned: the Republican senator from Wisconsin, Ron Johnson. Bolton says that in May Johnson was present at a meeting in which Trump claimed that Ukraine was trying to harm him politically.

If the Senate votes in favor of listening to Bolton, the trial may continue until well into February.

Frequently asked questions about the political trial

What is impeachment, or impeachment process or political trial?

The process of political trial consists in accusing the holder of a public charge of misconduct.

Why does it happen this time?

A complaint of irregularities filed in August by an informant says that White House officials believed they had witnessed how Trump abused his power to obtain political benefits.

What is the US president accused of?

President Trump is accused of breaking the law by pressuring the President of Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., a possible Democratic contender in this year's presidential election.

What did Trump say to the president of Ukraine?

Here is the transcript of a reconstruction of Trump's call to the president of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelenski, broadcast by the White House.

How is the proccess?

Here are the answers to seven key questions about the process.

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