Political Trial Of Donald Trump. The Phrases Of The Third Audience

Two key witnesses in the political trial investigation following President Donald Trump testified Tuesday at the third public hearing before the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee.

This is Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and adviser Jennifer Williams, the first witnesses to testify at public hearings in a week that will be critical in the process.

Both Vindman and Williams, a State Department employee attached to Vice President Mike Pence staff, heard Trump's July 25 phone call with the President of Ukraine.


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These are some phrases that both officials said to the congressmen.

Alexander Vindman's statement

Vindman, a 20-year veteran military officer who arrived in a gala uniform and a chest covered with medals, said he spoke "because of my sense of duty."

Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, attached to the National Security Council (Reuters)

"I had no doubt that I had to report this," Vindman said. "It was inappropriate, it was inappropriate for the president to demand an investigation into his political adversary."

Vindman, who was brought from Ukraine by his parents when he was a child, expressed his gratitude to live in a country where he can make complaints against the government, something that is not allowed in many other parts of the world.

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He expressed his gratitude "for the privilege of being a US citizen and public servant," where I can live without fear for the safety of myself or my family. "

During much of the hearing, the Republican lawyer tried to question Vindman's national loyalty, asking him about an episode in which an official from Ukraine proposed to be the country's defense minister.

Vindman called the episode "comedian" and said he immediately reported it to his superiors.

"I am American and immediately discarded such offers," said Vindman.

Jennifer Williams statement

For his part, in his statement prepared before the committee, Williams said that Donald Trump's call on July 25 was "unusual" because "it included the discussion of what looked like a domestic political issue."

"That July 25 call seemed unusual because, unlike other presidential calls I have heard, it involved a discussion about what appeared to be an internal policy issue."

Jennifer Williams, part of the advisory team of Vice President Mike Pence (AFP)

Williams said the White House Budget Office said Trump's interim cabinet chief Mick Mulvaney instructed on the freezing of $ 391 million for security assistance to Ukraine and that he never knew why the game was released more. late in September.

Williams, who received Trump attacks on Twitter a few days before his appearance, also told lawmakers that he is committed to serving the interests of the United States, adding that "with great pride and conviction I took an oath to respect and defend the Constitution".

The House of Representatives inquiries seek to determine whether Trump intentionally blocked the delivery of military aid of $ 400 million to Ukraine to obtain a Kiev investigation into Biden and his son Hunter's business in that country.




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