Political Trial Of Donald Trump Will Begin Next Tuesday

The United States Senate received charges for the political trial of US President Donald Trump for his pressures on Ukraine, which will begin preparations for a process that will begin next Tuesday.

The "prosecutors" for the political trial, newly appointed by the president of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, delivered the two charges against Trump to the Senate in a choreographed procession that involved the transfer of the case to the stage where it will take place in the Next weeks the dismissal process.

When the document arrived with the charges at the door of the Senate, the leader of that chamber, the Republican, Mitch McConnell, announced that he had decided to summon the "prosecutors" of the Lower House to stage the formal delivery of those papers this Thursday .


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On the afternoon of that day, the president of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, will be summoned to act as head of the temporary Senate replacing the vice president, Mike Pence, during the political trial, McConnell explained.

Roberts will take an oath to the one hundred members of the Senate, who will serve as a jury for the political trial, and then the White House will be notified that Trump is facing that process.

"The trial will begin seriously on Tuesday," when senators will return to work after the holiday for the anniversary of Martin Luther King's birth, McConell said.

Before sending the charges, formally known as articles for a political trial, Pelosi signed the document that contained them with a score of pens, which he then distributed among those attending a solemn ceremony in the Chamber.

"Today we make history, when 'prosecutors' walk the halls (of the Capitol) and cross the threshold" that separates the Lower House from the Senate, said Pelosi.

"This president will be accountable, nobody is above the law," he added.

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The political trial against Trump will be based on two charges, those of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, related to pressures on Ukraine to investigate one of its possible rivals in the 2020 elections, former vice president, Joe Biden.

According to the Democratic opposition, Trump conditioned the delivery of almost 400 million dollars in aid to Ukraine and also the scheduling of a meeting with the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenski, to his demand that Kiev announce that he planned to investigate Biden.

Democrats are unlikely to gather the two-thirds majority needed to dismiss Trump, given that Republicans control 53 of the one hundred seats in the Senate and none of them have turned against the president.



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