Politician Imprisoned In The US For Narco Wanted To Kill Thelma Aldana


The former presidential candidate, Mario Estrada, imprisoned in the US, intended to kill his political rival and former attorney general Thelma Aldana, according to documents published by the Southern District Court of New York.

The text contains a transcript of the judicial hearing held on July 17 in the city that addressed the request for bail of Estrada, in which talks are held by the former politician in which he talks about the planning of the murder of Aldana .


In these conversations, in which Estrada thought she was talking to members of the Sinaloa cartel, they were actually agents of the DEA, it is said that the then candidate can "disappear."

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“The undercover agent identified as CS2 says: So we have no problem. We can make this lady disappear, Thelma, ”says the document, which states that

Estrada gives a positive response to the proposal. This is a conversation held on February 8 between Estrada and the alleged members of the Mexican drug cartel, who had asked for 12 million dollars to finance his election campaign in exchange for facilitating the passage of drugs through the country.