Popovich Responds To Donald Trump: "He Is a Coward Compared To Adam Silver"

NBA The technician attacked the president while praising the NBA commissioner

Popovich responds to Donald Trump.

Gregg Popovich, coach of the San Antonio Spurs and coach of the United States, responded to the recent critics of Donald Trump using Adam Silver, commissioner of the NBA, as an example of acting after the conflict in the league with China: "Defend our country and its principles ", indicated the technician on the maximum president of the competition.


The American president had stoked both Popovich and Steve Kerr, coach of the Golden State Warriors, for not wanting to get wet about the policy with the Asian country: "They speak badly about the United States, but when it comes to talking about China they do not mean anything bad" , commented Trump.

However, 'Pops' returned the coup indicating that Silver has made a better representation of the United States than its own president: "The comparison is very hard when you see our president with those leaders of other countries than when you see the reaction of Adam Silver. I'm proud of him, "he added.

Faced with the anger in China over the publication of Daryl Morey on Twitter, in which the Houston Rockets general manager was positioned in favor of the demonstrations in Hong Kong, the NBA regretted the situation, but indicated that it could not go against the freedom of expression of each person.

"All I have done is compare Adam Silver's demonstration of principles and courage in a difficult situation, against the reaction of our president when he is in the company of authoritarian figures, whether in Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Russia, Turkey or wherever, "continued Popovich. "I find it imprudent, helpless and cowardly compared to Silver."



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