Portal For Coronavirus Tests In The UK Is Saturated

LONDON (AP) – The British government’s new online system for “essential workers” and their families to record appointments for coronavirus testing got off to a bad start on Friday.

Just three hours after its launch, the link stopped accepting requests for the day for “significant demand” and indicated that there would be more tests on Saturday, both at the sites reached by car and those sent home.


By clicking on the link, applicants are greeted with the short message: “Coronavirus test: day capacity reached.”

In a tweet, the Department of Health and Social Assistance apologized for any inconvenience caused, saying it “continues to rapidly increase availability.”

The site is a key element of the government’s plan to reach the goal of 100,000 daily tests by the end of the month, and will undoubtedly play a role in how quarantine restrictions are removed, which are scheduled to run until at least May 7th.

For now, changes to quarantine are not considered as the number of people who have died of coronavirus in UK hospitals is close to 20,000.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office said that two minutes after the portal was launched, 5,000 home tests – the site’s daily capacity – had been ordered and that another 15,000 appointments for car-access sites had also run out. He added that more tests will be available in the coming days, with a goal of 18,000 home tests available daily for next week. The goal is for them to arrive the next business day and the result is ready in 72 hours.

In addition to those who work directly with the National Health Service and in nursing homes, hyssop tests are available to other groups such as prison employees, teachers, food delivery drivers, and journalists covering the pandemic. Under the extended criteria, approximately 10 million people could potentially receive the test.


Jill Lawless and Kelvin Chan in London contributed to this report.