Leonel Fernández And Luis Abinader Lead ASISA Survey

Santo Domingo, RD.

Former President Leonel Fernández remains the favorite candidate to win the primary of the Dominican Liberation Party, with 55% in the intention to vote, compared to Gonzalo Castillo with 39.5% according to the survey firm ASISA Research ha Group.

The results also indicate that in the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), the sample reported that 79.7% will vote for Luis Abinader and 16.9% will do so for Hipólito Mejía, less than 1% for Wellington Arnaud and 2.6% abstained from answer.


In this regard, 64% of respondents believe that Luis Abinader will be the winner of the PRM primaries.

The samples were taken between September 30 and October 1 throughout the country and it was requested by Mr. Radhames Fabian.

Lilian M. Pagán general director ASSISA, explains that the survey was conducted with a sample of 1,468 Dominican voters at the regional level, using the technique of face-to-face surveys in homes (face to face) and a sampling method developed by Asisa: “ultra multi-stage sampling dispersed ”with a margin of error +/- 2.3% and 95% confidence level.

2020 elections

In the presidential elections next year, Leonel Fernández (PLD) obtained 56.0% and Luis Abinader 32% (PRM). 9% say that none and 3% refrain from answering.