Precision Medicine And Biomarkers, Vital Against Lung Cancer

Tumors represent the third cause of death in Mexico. In the case of lung cancer, it is responsible for 5.3% of all cases of neoplasms in our country. The main problem is that most cases are diagnosed in advanced stages because in their early stages they do not generate serious symptoms.

Tumor cases continue to rise worldwide. To date, they cause 10 million deaths globally, although one of the most dangerous is lung cancer. It is responsible for 2.21 million deaths and that is why it is necessary to offer alternatives to patients to increase their survival.

The role of technology to achieve better results


In this sense, the arrival of the Argentine company Biomakers in Mexico is a new opportunity for the people affected. It is distinguished by the use of precision medicine specialized in genetic and molecular oncology testing at the Latin American level. It also has technological innovation in biomarkers that allows patients and their treating physicians to know the DNA of the tumor in 72 hours.

Biomarkers or genetic and molecular tests are innovative parameters that allow the identification of mutated cancer genes and the classification of the tumor. Also the phase in which it is to be able to determine the pertinent individualized treatment.

For this process, the company has the technology of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS for its acronym in English). With which it simultaneously analyzes various molecular alterations that allow the doctor to provide oncological therapies ranging from existing ones, treatments that will be approved in the medium term and even clinical trials in which patients may be candidates.

“Time is a fundamental part of treatment for the doctor to make the best decisions. We are pioneers in using NGS in our own laboratories; We test patients through a biopsy to collect the DNA of the tumor, delivering the results obtained in record time. This advance in medicine allows patients to increase their life expectancy by up to five years,” said Rubén Salanova, medical director and co-founder of Biomakers.

For her part, Dr. Maritza Ramos, a doctor from the Department of Thoracic Oncology of the National Cancer Institute (INCan), points out that lung cancer has a high mortality

and biomarkers improve the quality and survival of these patients.

“With the use of biomarkers, care costs and toxicity complications from therapies such as chemotherapy can be reduced by personalizing patient care. NGS can process up to 10,000 genes at the same time and detect cancer mutations.”

Lung cancer is silent in its early stages, which delays its detection and increases its mortality. Therefore, it is not enough to prevent, but the tumor must also be detected early to achieve better results. In fact, it is estimated that by 2030 it will cause about 135 thousand deaths, which represents an increase of 50% compared to today.

Biotechnology within the reach of doctors and patients

Since its foundation in 2014, the Argentine company develops and implements technological projects. Its Single Platform for Oncological Testing (PLUTÓN) stands out, which emerged to make time between health professionals and patients more efficient. In this way, the doctor can request tests in an agile, practical and free way, centralizing all the information and generating statistics.

It also has the Advanced Tumor Biobank and the set of big data largest cancer in Latin America. It houses 70,000 samples of tumors and their biomarkers for the discovery and development of new drugs.

In addition, they created Biomakers Campusa virtual platform aimed at oncologists, pathologists, surgeons and professionals from the pharmaceutical industry, who are looking for training, courses and bibliography on cancer.

“With our grain of sand we endorse our commitment to millions of cancer patients, as well as to doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, because together we will continue to ensure that people live longer and with a better quality of life,” said Nicolas Kirchuk, CEO and co-founder of Biomakers.

The company has a presence in Argentina, Mexico and Brazil. The number of genetic and molecular tests amounts to 150,000 in 10 nations of the region. Even our country serves as a key point for tests to be carried out in Central America.



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