Pregnant! Chiquis Rivera Boasts Her Huge Belly

Pregnant! Chiquis Rivera shows off her huge belly | Instagram

The famous daughter of Jenni Rivera has left her followers surprised, this after Chiquis Rivera finally showed off her huge pregnancy belly for Tik Tok. Recently, the interpreter of Anímate y verás was in dimes and diretes after the rumor emerged that she was pregnant with her ex Lorenzo Méndez, her belly finally comes out.

It seems to be that either the famous woman hid it very well or that the gossip magazines have been quite wrong since Janney Marín boasted in a video a quite bulging belly, it seems that she is in an advanced stage of pregnancy, if not very close of already having the one who would be his firstborn.


All this would be possible if it were not for Chiquis Rivera once again played with his followers on social networks since the belly he used for said recording is false. Apparently with things within reach, the winner of the Latin Gammy simulated a pregnant belly and began to dance for Tik Tok.

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In the video that the star posted on her official Tik Tok account, she can be seen dancing to the song Ay, Dios mio! by Karol G and wearing a fairly comfortable wardrobe, in socks, leggings and a dark T-shirt, her hair tied in a ponytail.

Chiquis Rivera did not limit himself to only showing the huge belly but also and according to the description of his video, he explained how he got pregnant. Will Lorenzo Méndez have something to do with it?

This is how I got pregnant! #chiquis #parati #karolg #bichota #fyp #pregnant #xyx #foryourpage, Rivera wrote next to the video.

The Mexican regional singer used a part of the successful song by Karol G to explain her situation “He pulled me up and said:” come pa’cá “(oh; ah). I told him” slow “, and he made me work. -tra “.

With this video, Lupillo Rivera’s niece verifies once again how strong she is and that it is better to take gossip and rumors with humor, as on this occasion.

The comments that Chiquis Rivera was pregnant arose after a photo went viral in which she looked quite happy next to her ex Lorenzo Méndez with an ultrasound. However, it was later clarified that this photograph was not current and corresponded to a joke that both singers made on the interpreter’s brothers.

These rumors arose just after those who claimed that the interpreter of Anímate y verás and the former vocalist of La Original had reconciled, since images emerged in which they were seen together and very smiling.

This version of reconciliation was denied, there are those who say that both did indeed see each other, but with the aim of remaining as friends and on the best terms. So far neither Chiquis Rivera nor Lorenzo Méndez have spoken more about their relationship or the one that existed and it is unknown how their divorce process is going.

On the other hand, some seers at the time of the wedding between these famous characters predicted a divorce, but also that there was a child involved, a girl, to be exact. Could it be that this story is not over yet and they will indeed have a child together?

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Chiquis Rivera has expressed on several occasions her desire to be a mother, but she has not indicated that it is immediate or short-term, what she did comment was that she froze some of her eggs to make sure that when the time comes they are in excellent condition to give life to a new and beautiful being.

So far, the daughter of La Diva de la Banda has not spoken of love, but surely such a beautiful and talented woman will not be alone for long and soon there will be more news of Chiquis Rivera here.