Premarket | China Warns Donald Trump Of Consequences For ‘abuse Of Power’ In Iran; Gold Soars


The main Asian indexes traded today in positive, where they highlighted the profits of the Nikkei, with 1.60% and the Shanghai Composite, which gained 0.69%.

Hong Kong Hang Seng picked up 0.34%, and South Korean Kospi 0.95%.


Investors have welcomed comments about the signing of the phase 1 trade agreement between the US. UU. and China

In addition, fears of a conflict in the Middle East are stirring markets and gold reached its highest level in seven years, rising to $ 1,582 per ounce.


The European stock markets rebounded on Tuesday breaking a streak of two consecutive sessions of losses, as fears of a confrontation between the US diminished slightly. UU. and Iran.

In addition, the commercial activity of the euro zone remained close to the stagnation in December, according to a survey released today, as an increase in service activity partially offset a decrease in the manufacturing sector of the block.

The final composite PMI of the IHS Markit Eurozone rose to 50.9 in December from 50.6 in November.


Tensions between the US and Iran continue to generate controversy. If last Friday it was the UN who called for calm to both countries and urged them to reduce tensions, on Tuesday the Chinese press picked up the reaction of the Asian giant to the news that the Iranian Parliament has appointed the US Army . as a terrorist group

Global Times has echoed the statements of the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “China urges the US not to abuse its power of force and call on all parties involved to exercise restraint without increasing tension. ”

At the beginning of the day, Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 futures have gains of up to 0.2%.

The calendar for US economic data. UU. It is very light, since it only highlights the PMI of the services sector.



Oil prices fall on Tuesday despite continued tension between the US. UU. and Iran.

US WTI oil futures fall 1.1% to $ 62.59 per barrel, while Brent reference futures are also left 1.1% to $ 68.12.

"The market is recovering from the initial shock and closely following Tehran's response," said Will Sungchil Yun, raw materials analyst at VI Investment Corp in a Bloomberg report.

"As current evidence indicates that traders and investors do not see a real war coming, prices are likely to remain relatively stable if nothing significant happens," he added.

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