President Donald Trump Adds More Lawyers To The Political Trial Against Him

The defending team of the president of the United States (EU), Donald Trump, for his next political trial in the Senate, will include former Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr, the independent lawyer who investigated the then President Bill Clinton.

The main roles in Trump's defense will be in charge of White House attorney Pat Cipollone and Trump's personal representative, Jay Sekulow.

When adding Dershowitz and Starr, the defense team turned to a couple of lawyers who have experience in some of the most important legal episodes in American history.


In addition, the additions give Trump specialists in constitutional law and political trial processes. Starr's investigation into Clinton's relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky helped to launch the accusation against the former president, the most recent case of that kind handled by the US Congress.

Other members of Trump's defense include Jane Raskin, who was part of the magnate's legal team during the investigation into Russian interference by special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Trump faces two charges after the House of Representatives voted to submit him to a political trial last month. One of the allegations alleges that he abused his power when he urged Ukraine to investigate former US Vice President Joe Biden. The president is also signaled to obstruct the subsequent investigation of the Congress.



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