President Donald Trump Visits In San Diego Concludes

The president of the United States, Donald Trump moved to the Otay Mesa area for a visit to the border wall, after he attended a fundraising event in downtown San Diego, this Wednesday morning.

Several helicopters, including Marine One, left the San Diego airport just before 2:30 p.m., and 15 minutes later they landed at Brown Field just north of the Mexican border. Authorities used binaculars from a roof with large weapons near the place.

President Trump visits the Otay Mesa border fence


"This is frontline," Trump said in front of the wall.

"San Diego was, they were thanking me for the wall I built in San Diego. It's like, they said it's a difference from day to night. They said it's 100 percent. The only thing is, now we have to expand it," The president said.

According to a report by NBC Investigates, the San Diego Border Patrol sector includes 60 miles of a 1,900-mile border between the United States and Mexico.

Of those 60 miles, 46 miles have at least one primary fence and 13.5 miles have a secondary fence. And another 14 miles have no fence.

Presidential visit causes several street closures

The president talked about how the replacement of the fence is designed to absorb heat.

"You can't touch her. You can fry an egg on that wall. It's very, very hot," the president said.

President Trump's visit to San Diego concludes

Trump said he initially thought of a concrete wall, but that an officer at the Customs and Protection Office said that seeing through the wall helps with the officers' safety.

This Wednesday morning, an area of ​​around seven blocks around was temporarily closed due to the president's dress, according to a map released by SDPD.

They divert funds to pay for the border wall

The closures were on the streets: Front St., 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Avenue from Beech Street to G. Broadway, Beech, Ash, A, B, C, E, F and G were also closed. Some closures were in only one direction, however, the authorities asked to avoid the area.

The presidential plane landed in San Diego minutes before 11 a.m. after a trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco on Tuesday.

Trump government says it lifted miles of wall

He was received at the military base of MCAS Miramar and then took off in a Marine One helicopter towards downtown San Diego.

A rather impressive arrival as expected, where sympathizers were present, although in the center of the city it was received by opponents.

President Trump arrives at Otay Mesa

Wearing a blue tie, in a suit, and greeting his people, the president descended the stairs of the presidential Air Force One.

Those who support him said they had faith that the border fence will be built between Mexico and all of San Diego.

President Donald Trump's reception in San Diego

Also on the runway were its two helicopters called Marine One, armored with missile safety systems and secure communication lines to communicate with the white house and the pentagon.

Trump took his time to talk, take pictures and even sign autographs with his fans.

Protesters gather in front of U.S. hotel Grant

To a child, the president signed one of his books.

He was then escorted to the helicopter to go to the city center.

Donald Trump will visit border wall in San Diego

On the outskirts of the U.S. hotel Grant, dozens of opponents like a giant baby Trump balloon were outside waiting for his arrival.

"I want to tell the president that he has to create bridges and not borders," said the protester against Trump, Manny Aguilar.

At the event held inside the hotel, there were those who paid between $ 1,000 and $ 100,000 to have lunch with the president, this in order to raise about $ 4,000,000 only in San Diego for his presidential reelection campaign.

"Now he suddenly loves our people because he wants our votes, but it is not fair for him to say that all Mexicans are criminals," Trump said.

The president left this Wednesday from San Diego towards the White House, but unlike this morning, there was no access to the local media, to the inside of the military base to witness his departure.

In total, the president sought to raise $ 15,000,000 in California.

The San Diego fundraiser was the last California event for the president after a morning fundraiser in San Francisco and a Los Angeles nighttime event, which was held at a private residence in Beverly Hills.

This was the president’s third visit to the region since he took office.

In April, he stopped at El Centro to see a new fence along the border between the United States and Mexico. In March 2018, he stopped at Otay Mesa where he inspected prototypes for the border wall.



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