President European Council Asks R. Unido To Quickly Ratify The 'brexit' Law

Brussels, Dec 13 (EFE) .- The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, asked the British Parliament on Friday to 'quickly' ratify the agreement for an orderly withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union following the election victory of Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Michel congratulated Johnson on the election result and urged Westminster to "quickly ratify" the agreement on "brexit" to "calmly, but with great determination, begin the negotiation on the next phase," he said upon arrival at the EU leaders summit.

He said that this will be 'important to ensure the interests of the internal market' and in order to have a 'close relationship in the future' with London and with 'equal opportunities'.


Michel also pointed out the need to have 'clarity as soon as possible' and assured that in the EU 'we are ready' to move on to that new phase.

'It is very important that we guarantee equal opportunities and the integrity of the internal market. We will have to negotiate with our partner and see if it is possible to have that very important guarantee for the future, 'he insisted.

On how he thinks that negotiation will take place, Michel said that "I am not going to predict, based on the experiences of the past," but he trusted "that we work very hard with the British Government."

"It is very important to give stability, security as soon as possible to citizens but also to companies, the British but also the European ones," he said.

On the date of January 31 on which the 'brexit' is expected to be consumed if the British Parliament, where Johnson's conservatives now have an absolute majority, ratifies the law for EU exit, the Belgian politician said that ' That is a matter for the British Government. '

"In the EU we are prepared, we have decided what our priorities are, equal opportunities are," he said.

Michel said the EU wants to maintain a 'close cooperation with the United Kingdom' and develop opportunities in trade but also in security or defense.

'We have common goals with the United Kingdom. I hope we have a new negotiation and that we can reach an agreement (for the future relationship) also after the vote of the British Parliament on the exit, 'he concluded. EFE

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