President Of Mexico Rejects Help From Donald Trump In The LeBarón Family Massacre Case: We Have To Act Independently | El Salvador News

"We do not need to address these cases of the intervention of a foreign government," AMLO told his counterpart who said that it is time for Mexico to declare the "war" against drug cartels with their help.

Manuel López Obrador rejected on Tuesday the help that Donald Trump offered him to declare war on the drug cartels, to which the massacre of nine members of the LeBarón family, of American nationality, who were killed last Monday in Sonora is attributed , Mexico.

"If Mexico needs or asks for help to clean these monsters, the United States is ready, willing and able to get involved and do the job quickly and effectively," the US president said on Twitter. He also noted that "sometimes you need an army to fight another army" when referring to the power of these criminal structures.


Trump told Manuel López Obrador that he only had to make a call to release, along with the United States, the war on drug cartels and "erase them from the face of the earth."

This is the time for Mexico, with the help of the United States, to wage WAR on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth. We merely await a call from your great new president!

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 5, 2019

The president of Mexico sent condolences to President Trump and the family of the victims, thanked the president for the willingness to support Mexico and pledged to resolve the case independently.

“In these cases we have to act independently in accordance with our Constitution and our tradition of independence and sovereignty. Then I will speak with President Trump to thank him for his support, see if in cooperation agreements there is a possibility that you can count on help in case it is needed and within the framework of current international legality and bilateral agreements. Then we would request that support, which we appreciate very much. But I think we do not need to address these cases, from the intervention of a foreign government, all this in a very respectful way, ”he said this morning at a press conference.

A convoy in which three women and 14 minors of the Mormon family LeBarón traveled was attacked on Monday by a criminal group while traveling between Galeana (Chihuahua) and Bavispe (Sonora), both municipalities in border states with the United States.

Photo: @TiffLangford

The Ministry of Public Safety and Protection reported Tuesday that the attack left nine dead, six of them children, six children injured and one child missing, which was found hours later.

The powerful attack, according to images leaked to the media, led to at least one of the vehicles catching fire.

It was not until at least four hours after the first security forces began arriving in the area, a delay that the federal government attributed to the remoteness of most populations from the scene.

Trump positioned himself on Twitter on Tuesday about the tragedy: “A wonderful family and friends from Utah were caught between two vicious drug cartels, which shot at each other, resulting in the death of many excellent Americans, including young children, and some missing. ”

In another message, the US president offered help to Mexico to fight drug cartels.
The LeBarón family is a group of fundamentalist people of the Mormon religion who arrived in Chihuahua (Mexico) around 1924 after splitting from their church.



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