President Of The United States, Donald Trump Cancels His Press Conference After The Nato Summit

President Of The United States, Donald Trump Cancels His Press Conference After The NATO Summit

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, canceled his scheduled press conference at the end of the NATO summit on the grounds that he had already informed the media many times during his two-day trip to the United Kingdom. The abrupt cancellation takes place after filtering a video that shows several world leaders apparently mocking the American president and the press conference was scheduled at the same time that the second phase of the political trial hearings of Congress against him began.

"When today's meetings are over, I will return to Washington," Trump said in a tweet. “We will not hold a press conference at the close of NATO because we did so many in the last two days. Have a safe trip! ”


Trump has been annoyed during the NATO summit after a video came out that seems to show French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, British Premier Boris Johnson, Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, and Princess Anne of England having a conversation in which they make fun of him for the extension of his press conferences.

The tycoon has come to accuse Trudeau of being a person with "two faces" and of not contributing enough to the coffers of the Atlantic Alliance. "I think he is a very nice guy, but you know that the truth is that I called his attention because he is not paying 2% and I can see that he is not very happy," Trump added during the press conference offered after his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


The recording, whose author is unknown, shows the leaders at a reception at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday night. Johnson asks Macron: "Is that why you were late?" Then Trudeau interrupts to say: "He was late because he gives a press conference of at least 40 minutes." And he adds: “Oh, yes, yes, yes. Ad …". In that Macron cuts him and starts talking animatedly with the group, but being with his back to the camera his words are inaudible. However, it seems to say something funny because Rutte exclaims with laughter "Fake news media!", The expression that Trump usually uses against the media that criticize him. After this intervention, Trudeau animatedly explains: "You could see his team with his jaw disengaged."

Although at no time the group pronounces the name of Donald Trump, precisely on Tuesday the US president staged an extensive press conference in which he was answering the journalists' questions for about 50 minutes, skipping the planned agenda.

The second phase of the investigation for the ‘impeachment’ begins

In parallel, the second phase of the investigation of the US House of Representatives. for a possible political trial against Trump, he started in the Judicial Committee of that chamber to analyze the legal framework of the hypothetical dismissal process. After two weeks of public hearings conducted by the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives, responsible for finding evidence on Trump's behavior to initiate a political trial, it is now the turn of the Judiciary Committee, to define whether those offenses are sufficient or Not to continue the process.

This transfer of the hearings means that lawmakers are currently less interested in gathering possible acts of Trump irregularities from the White House and are now focusing on finding if such evidence is enough to write and vote on what are known as "articles" of political trial, that is to say, the charges against the president in case of opening a dismissal process against him.

Four legal experts

To begin this second phase, the Democrats of the Judiciary Committee have cited four jurists, professors of renowned universities in the US. specialized in constitutional law, to essentially analyze whether the investigation of political judgment can become the process of dismissal. The experts who will value this issue today are Professors Noah Feldman, from Harvard University; Pamela Karlan, of the University of Standford; Michael Gerhardt, of the University of North Carolina, and Jonathan Turley, of George Washington University.

These appearances arrive one day after the US House of Intelligence Committee. unveiled Tuesday in a 300-page report the arguments of the possible political trial against Trump, which he accused of having put his "personal and political interests" before those of the United States.

Trump and Trudeau.
(Kevin Lamarque / Reuters)

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