Presolic Argentina Wins First Women’s Polo World Championship

Buenos Aires (AP) — The Argentine Polo team used the region to win the title in the sport’s first Women’s World Cup. The mere realization of this sport formed a milestone that was unthinkable a few years ago.

The Argentines used to play at Campo Argentino de Polo in Palermo, Buenos Aires, to comfortably beat the world-famous United States in the sport 6-2.


Some players wept not only for the title, but also for a big step towards popularizing the sport in the women’s version. For a week, a free ticket was offered to a very positive audience.

A didactic method was also adopted to explain the rules of the game to the general public, who have little experience with this sport.

“It’s impressive to the team and I can’t even explain it,” Paulina Basket told The Associated Press, her impression of winning the championship.

Third place went to England, which defeated Italy on Saturday.

Many of the players who fought on the pitch last week have had to win all the individual and collective battles to enable this World Cup, especially in the sport traditionally thought for men. I celebrated. The Argentines did it, especially because they were the first monarchs in history.

Argentina, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil and Italy were the teams that participated in this world debut at what is considered the “cathedral” of this field in the country in the Palermo district of Buenos Aires.

“It’s impressive to be playing in Palermo in the championship that made history. It’s a privilege to play with this amazing team and play with some of the best women in the world.” rice field. Because of the accident, he personally chose Polo as a sport because he felt he was playing in the same position as everyone else when he rode a horse.

“It was the greatest experience,” he added, reminding us of Britain’s strength as a team and the world’s strongest US and Argentina in women’s polo.

But she regretted that her team couldn’t reach the final. That would have been an even greater achievement for her.

“This tournament will be seen more globally, spending more time on TV channels and streaming, and more coverage in the media, especially in the English media, which is not, to commemorate the start of the women’s polo. I think it will cover much of the sport. Women. The men version will always stand out, so tournaments like this will be seen all over the world … more teams on different continents. Will participate, “he suggested.

The joint official photo of this first World Cup, declared national interest by the Argentine government, will go down in history.


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